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Psychology & Habits of Great Leaders Bundle Pack

Attention to Young Managers and to those aspiring to Become Great Leaders.

This is my story.

I grew up in a 2 bedroom house with nine siblings in Togo-West Africa. At 18, I took it upon myself to relocate to South-Africa to secure a better future for myself. This was a journey of life and death through which I grew exponentially in knowledge, wisdom and life experiences. There were days when I had no shelter, no food, no one to help.

This led me to make a career in sales. My first job was as a vacuum cleaner salesperson. To tell you the truth, at that point, I had never even seen a vacuum cleaner in my life. During My first two years as a salesperson, I worked for 7 days a week, 365x2, 13 hours per day because I was so determined and hungry to change my circumstances of poverty and lack and mind you I needed to send money to my family in Togo. Thanks to my sales performance, hard work and determination, I quickly grew through the corporate ranks to become a Regional Senior Manager in my early twenties. I was in charge of hundreds of people in less than three years and a half. Fast forward, I quit the corporate world to start my own cosmetics import-export business which was successful until I ran into bankruptcy.

I founded Sail Force Catalyst 2 years later, a personal development, empowerment and motivational platform which focuses on how to use emotional intelligence to ignite a transformation of individuals and groups towards the unleashing of their non-cognitive skills necessary to the fulfilment of their true potential and the catalyst of their various business and life journeys. 

What does my story have to do with this?

The truth is beside the quick 2 hours hand over induction I received when escalating into a new role when I was in corporate, I had never really been given a formal training around the concept of Leadership. Like many of you, I had to do what I had to do, " jump on the moving train".I wasn't even trained on how to use the psychological let alone basic software tools to be a competent and effective Leader. BUT! I was given an opportunity.

I learnt the hard way, experienced, tried, failed, researched, applied myself duly to be the best possible Leader my team had ever had. As it turned out, I was not the only one in that hole in which I was thrown and I was supposed to grow myself out of. Many other of my colleagues and other friends from other companies were. These were the kind of questions we all had :

1.What is this concept of Leadership?

2.Is Leadership about just ordering people around?

3.What does it take to lead people effectively to success?

4.What is the difference between the Level A+ leader and the effective Leader?

6. I believe I'm a great manager, do I qualify automatically a great Leader? 

7. What are the traits of a great leader?

8. Are there any specific set of skills or habits I need to have to be a memorable leader?

Nevertheless, I didn't leave those obstacles to define my leadership identity like I said I had an opportunity! Month in, Month out I was the top  Leader, every worker from other companies and those who were working under my colleagues wanted to come to join my team. I was able to have such an impact even though I had never received any formal training from the company or from an institution because of the psychological systems and habits I had put together, experienced, tried for many months. Thanks to those systems and habits from real-life leadership experiences, I went on to speak at numerous conferences, conducted various workshops with an unbelievable diversity of groups throughout the world. Here are what some folks say :

Here is How These Skills and Habits Put me at The Top and Have helped me, coach, more than 10,000 young leaders.

It was that experience that made me realise that not every manager gets the chance to be a great Leader and especially when you have no clue where to start from. Even those who know where to start from just become overwhelmed by the noise around them or they are looked upon by their surrounding.

When I left corporate, I made it a point to assist and support every young manager aspiring to be a leader, those who are on a quest to discover their own sense of Leadership, and the leaders wishing to refine their touch. You see, Leadership goes beyond directing a bunch of people, as a matter of fact before anyone can lead effectively, they ought to discover their purpose, have a vision for themselves and possess a tremendous driving force to bring this vision to life.

Using that desire as a driving force, I became a leadership expert speaker and started braking down these mindful skills and habits I used to be a great leader into steps, blueprint which anyone could follow to make them great and unforgettable.

Finally, I have put back together the system I created in my managerial days to let some of the young managers thriving to become Great Leaders, and those firmly wishing to access the leader within, benefit from it.

I also know that without the support and willingness of my team to trust me and to buy into my vision each and every time, the faith of others in me, I wouldn't be where I am today so it is an honour for me to have out this powerful program together so that those who are coming after me could step up and leave a mark in the lives of their fellows.

Here's What You'll Discover Inside The Moral Force of Leadership-Psychology and Habits of Great Leaders.

Leadership redefined

The concept of Leadership which is beyond directing a group of individuals towards the accomplishment of some minor or major goals, it's about purpose, vision, calling those things which do not exist as though they were.

The ultimate driving force of Leadership

Inspiration is the ultimate driving force of Leadership. By mastering the art of inspiring, you'll master the art of the leader to be able to create the mental stimulus in the mind of his people for Inhuman creativity and performance.

The 80-20 rule in Leadership

If Inspiration is the driving force of Leadership, it means it is more psychologic than mechanics. Leadership is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. You'll get to learn how does the leader influence in a non forcefully manner.

Psychology vs Mechanics/Leader vs Manager

A great manager doesn't necessarily a great leader. What are the channels through which a great Leader operates and what are the channels through which a great manager operate and what set them apart.

Why habits are more important than skills

When skills become habits, they become second nature and are beyond expertise. By practising the leadership habits, you pave the way to Leaders instinct.

The habits and traits of Great Leaders

The attributes which are common to the fortune 500 great leaders who took their companies from good to great. Those include Steve Jobs, Hyundai Garcia, Gerry harvey etc..you'll learn and master those traits.

The respect from your people

A leader doesn't seek the respect of his people but earns it anyway through his attitude and how he carries himself. You will be transformed through these revolutionary concepts which are most likely to impact your attitude, your performance and the relationship between you and your peers.

Here's Exactly What Are You About To Get Your Hands On...

You see, to let you in on a secret because you have made a deliberate choice to come on this page and to read this far, this program is based on a thorough and meticulous study of the attitudes, achievements, impact of over 150 Leaders across all the continents on the face of the earth. I always believe that "Everything worth doing is worth doing greatly" which is why I chose to look across different cultures, personalities, leadership styles background of different demographics and activity sector in order to pull out the finest, shortest and non-disputable psychology and habits of the Great Leaders who exist and have existed in Oceania, Africa, Europe, AsiaSouth America, North America, Antarctica. 

And Today I'm happy to announce that the "system" is ready for release. Introducing......  Leadership-psychology and habits of Great Leaders.

YES! I DID IT! I was able to put this program together to support those aspiring to be Leaders or to refine their Leadership styles from Good to Great.

The truth also is I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without the much support I got along the way and the many opportunities which were offered to me along the way to experience Leadership on so many levels despite my young age. Through This program, that I started putting together since 2012, I was able to grow up in the corporate ladder and accomplish so much in my life and my career. With this program, I trust that you will find the.....  One thing that can help you reach your next goal not only as a Leader at work but a Leader of your own world.

Here is what you'll discover inside the Epic & Unique  bundle pack

Here is Why This Bundle pack would

cost over $1000

Let's take a look for instance. To get a proper mindset training and transformation, you can pay over $5000,  to hang out with the Game-changing Leaders, it could take you years of hard work and wander around, that's if you don't get distracted in the process by a pretty girl or the many other things in nowadays world. The average Leadership training currently cost over $1999 for 2 days workshop, says the C.E.O of Directive communication psychology Arthur Carmazzi. An hour Leadership Coaching from an expert can cost easily $500. Do the Math for a second ( $5000 | $1000 | $2000 | $500) etc...

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